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The Art of Aging Gracefully: Capturing the Power of Body, Mind, and Spirit | 55+
Suggestions for putting your Body, Mind, and Spirit to work in unison to help you live your best life as you age.

8 Reasons Why Gig Harbor is the Ideal City for Retirement
Gig Harbor is an ideal city for retirement.

New Year, New You Through SMART Goal Setting
Setting SMART goals will help you achieve your New Year's Resolution goals.

5 Memory Lane Gift Ideas For Baby Boomers
Holiday Gift Ideas For Baby Boomers

Senior Scams 2017, How to Recognize, Refuse, and Report Them.
Helping aging adults understand how to recognize, refuse, and report senior scams.

Turning the Table on Our Parents, When it’s Time to Take the Keys.
When it's time to have "the talk" with aging parents about their driving, be sure to know what resources are available where they live.

You Don't Have to be Retired to Enjoy the RV Lifestyle - 5 Benefits to RV Life
You don't have to be retired to enjoy the RV Lifestyle- 5 Benefits to RV-ing.

World Heart Day- Share the Power
World Heart Day was established on September 29th. The purpose is to bring attention to cardiovascular diseases which are the leading cause of death in the world.

Declutter to Downsize
Looking to downsize but overwhelmed by the amount of possessions you have? Begin the process of decluttering your home to prepare for retirement, whether you age in place, move to a retirement community, senior living, or assisted living.

How to Prepare Yourself for Long Term Care
For most individuals it takes a serious health concern that raises the issue, but our hope is that you can be prepared for the possibility and be ready to address the issue when it is appropriate. Here are some items to consider in order to get ready.

Why You Should Set Goals Later in Life
So many of us think that goal setting is an exercise for those that are in their young adult phase of life. However, there is value in setting goals no matter what age you are. This is especially true for those adults who are aging and may be considering long term care options. Setting goals and making future plans is a positive process for every individual and even more true for those are older.

What is Family Centered Care?
With so many choices on the market today between assisted living, retirement homes and nursing homes it is challenging to know which is the best for the elderly loved one in your life.

What to Look for in a Caregiver?
When you reach a certain age and your body betrays you, you may need to find a quality caregiver that can help you in your daily life. Because it is so important to know the type of person that will be caring for you it is critical that you identify the top characteristics to ensure that your health and livelihood stays at a high level when you turn to a caregiver.

What makes Gig Harbor Perfect for Senior Living?
People feel that the quality of care and their quality of life will be limited at best and lead to an unsatisfying life. While many of the nursing homes in Tacoma may have this approach, we at Kensington Gardens provide a different and unique stay for our residents that can help improve their quality of life.

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