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It is estimated that 10,000 Baby Boomers retire each day. However, after years of working hard to build a beautiful home and lovely lifestyle, Boomers are saying “no thank you” to traditional retirement living. Instead, Baby Boomers are redefining what retirement living can look like, and they are making it clear that they want something very different from what their parents had. According to Robert Kramer, Founder and Strategic Advisor for NIC National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care, Baby Boomers are seeking the 4 E’s; engagement, enrichment, experience, and enjoyment out of their retirement years.

A new trend in retirement living is helping Baby Boomers find just those things. Resort lifestyle communities allow Baby Boomers to retire the way they choose. These resort communities make you feel like you are on an endless vacation with luxury services and resort amenities, similar to private country clubs. What’s not to love about that?

There are many benefits to moving into a resort community. A sense of connection and belonging that comes with living in a community is one compelling reason some people choose this lifestyle. Research supports the need for having people around to support and engage one another. We aren’t meant to be disengaged from each other. The activities and interest groups at resort communities help to keep people active and engaged.

After years of taking care of a home, living maintenance free and not worrying about repairs is another important reason why people choose to belong to a community. Without the day to day home ownership responsibilities, residents can focus on wellness and health, in addition to the hobbies, travel, and enrichment that many have put off for years.

A significant reason to consider a move to a resort community is to preserve your relationships with your family and friends who won’t have the responsibility of caring for you or your home as your needs change.

There are many styles of resort communities. Have you heard of the cruise ship retirement concept? This notion suggests that a long term live aboard cruise lifestyle allows you to enjoy the benefits of cruising, at a significantly reduced rate from the alternative nursing home/assisted living scenario. From high rise buildings with views in the city, to niche communities such as Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville themed retirement communities, there is a resort lifestyle community for everyone.

In a resort community, also known as wellness lifestyle communities, you will find amenities inspired by stays at 5-star luxury resort hotels- such as chef prepared meals, pampering with luxurious spa treatments, swimming pools, golf, tennis, yoga, and walking trails. The amenities are as varied as the resort communities themselves. From luxury yachts and saddle clubs, to concierge services, residents will stay active with amenities designed with wellness in mind.

Consumer demand versus inventory is a concern with the number of Baby Boomers retiring versus the number of units available. If a resort living community peaks your interest, don’t delay your inquiry. Do your research now to compare communities and find out which amenities most interest you. Some say the best resort, is the one you never have to leave. Make your next move your last move and join a resort community today.

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