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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kensington Gardens a CCRC?

Resort Living at Kensington Gardens is a PCRC, or Personalized Care Resort Community, based on our own original and innovative Wellness Community concept. Attention to details, warm hospitality, and a focus on wellness are just some of our core values. Our members embrace an active lifestyle with fitness, healthy eating, time spent with family and friends, and travel defining how they wish to spend their days. Award-Winning Signature Personalized Care is available if you need it. Most importantly, you can predict future costs and plan your legacy. With proper planning, your future can be more secure!

Who operates Resort Living at Kensington Gardens?

Kelly and Mark Watson are the owners and founders of the business. They have recently formed a non-profit organization called the Carl & Juanita Higby Foundation.

What is a membership fee/entrance deposit?

A membership fee/entrance deposit is a one-time fee. At Kensington Gardens you can choose between a 75% refundable membership fee/entrance deposit which allows you to leave a legacy for your family, or the traditional membership fee/entrance deposit which is lower, but ultimately is non-refundable. The membership fee/entrance deposit helps cover community operating and capital costs. The amount of the membership fee/entrance deposit is determined by the size and location of your suite as well as the number of occupants. The membership fee/entrance deposit ensures that you will have a lifetime home and care if needed.

What is included in the monthly fee?

Provided in your monthly fee are your living accommodations along with most of your utilities including electricity, water, sewer, and garbage disposal. With maintenance free living we take care of the property and facilities, including the English Garden landscaping. Members are responsible for telephone, internet service, renter’s insurance, and also provide their own furniture.

How much does it cost?

Kensington Gardens uses a one-time membership and monthly service fee model, which allows for residents to budget and provide a legacy for their estates. There are a variety of suites to match your lifestyle and budget. One-bedroom suite pricing at Hawksworth Villa starts at $660,000 for the 75% refundable membership fee plan, with monthly fees starting at $4,798.  The second person membership fee is $36,000 with a monthly service fee of $1,375.

What is the viability of your company?

Kensington Gardens has provided care since 2012 and has been operating since 2007. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, a strong leadership team in addition to a Board of Directors for the Foundation. We provide a bank letter informing you of the deposit protections we have proactively requested. With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, our boutique quality and size, the demand for exceptional living options will continue

What is Regent Park at Kensington Gardens

Regent Park is a branch of the Kensington Gardens community which specializes in our very own award-winning Signature Personalized Care which is carefully designed to meet each resident’s unique needs. From medication management to memory care, we are here to provide full compassionate care with our own distinctive hospitality. Our commitment to providing personalized care through end of life offers tremendous peace of mind to our residents and their families.

What kind of care is included?

If you select the “Care Included” plan, it means that when you need care, it would be included without additional costs. Your monthly fee would remain the same. If you choose the “A la Carte” plan, care is not included and you would pay the market rate for any care that was needed. Keep in mind that Long Term Care Insurance can be used to pay for your monthly fee if you meet the requirements of your plan. Round-the-clock care includes; assistance with daily living tasks such as taking medications, bathing, dressing, feeding, scheduled transportation to appointments and shopping, and light housekeeping. As a Personalized Care Resort Community, we are a “forever home” and can provide care through the end of life.

Do I keep my doctor?

Yes, you will continue to use your own physician, therapists, etc.

Do you have a lot of staff turnover?

Our first caregiver is still with us from when we opened in 2012. We treat our staff like family and therefore we are able to attract and retain the best candidates

How do I qualify financially?

Financial resources will be used to assist with suite selection and affordability. Typically we look for personal assets to be about two times the entry fee.

What is the health qualification?

Prospective residents will be asked to undergo a health evaluation which consists of filling out a questionnaire as well as a cognitive assessment.

Are there any tax benefits?

There may be tax-deductible expenses associated with your entrance deposit or monthly fee. Because tax laws can change frequently, it is best to discuss this with your tax professional.

Do I need Long Term Care Insurance?

A PCRC acts like a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy in that out of pocket expenses are capped regardless of how much healthcare is needed. However, if you do have Long Term Care Insurance, it can be used to offset your monthly service fee once care is needed.

What types of housing do you offer?

Villa Suites: The impressive Villa Suites are uniquely designed with a great room in the center of each Villa which allows space for gathering to meet up with others, read the newspaper, enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, or enjoy watching a movie together. In your private suite, you will have everything you need to live your best life comfortably. Elegantly appointed with ten- and twelve-foot ceilings, beautiful crown molding,  and high-end finishes; our timeless designs are unparalleled.

Can I move from one residence to another at a later date?

Depending on availability, you may move to a different suite without paying a new entrance deposit. You will, however, incur any moving or renovation expenses.

What services and amenities are available at Kensington Gardens?

At Resort Living at Kensington Gardens we believe that life should continue to get better! You can stay as busy as you’d like. Swim in our indoor pool house (coming soon!), practice your putting on the putting green (coming soon!), enjoy a tennis match on our tennis court (coming soon!), or take a stroll around the wooded property on our walking trail. Chef prepared meals and casual dining options are available. If you enjoy gardening, creating in the art studio, or building something in our shop (coming soon!) - there is something for everyone. We also offer, scheduled transportation, salon services, and more. Our concierge can help arrange special events, activities, and travel if you wish to utilize those services.

Are there plans for future expansion?

We do not have plans to expand beyond our outlined community plan. Our intention is to remain a small, boutique community.

Why should I choose to live in a community?

Choosing to live in a community is a proactive approach to planning your future. Among things to consider are who will arrange, coordinate and provide and/or pay for long term care services if you don’t choose a community. There are many benefits to moving into a community like Kensington Gardens. There is a sense of comraderie and belonging that comes with living in a community. At KG we focus on health, wellness, and the emotional well-being of our members. The activities and interest groups at KG will keep people active and engaged. After years of taking care of a home, living maintenance free and not worrying about repairs is another important reason why people choose to belong to a community. Another significant reason to consider Kensington Gardens is to preserve your relationships with your family and friends, who won’t have the responsibility of caring for you or your home, as your needs change. At KG, our award-winning staff will take care of your needs, freeing up time for you to travel and enjoy living!

Will I have a voice in the community?

Residents may choose to participate on our advisory board and committees, as well as providing input regarding our social activities, outings and other events. The purpose is to promote a lifestyle with enriching opportunities for all of our members.

Are there safety and security measures in place?

Yes, our property is fenced and gated. Each suite can be equipped with an emergency call system, and staff are available around the clock.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes, this is your home, and visitors are allowed. Short-term guests may stay in your suite, however, visits are limited to 30 days per calendar year.

Is there ample parking for me and my visitors?

There are plenty of parking spaces at KG. In the Villas you can choose from in-building or outdoor parking.  There are plenty of additional outdoor parking for visitors.

Are pets allowed?

We are pet-friendly; however, we ask that you please review our pet policy.