Kensington Gardens
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Grounds & Gardens

GroundsAs Kelly Watson watched her young children play and enjoy the idyllic beauty of London’s Kensington Gardens, she was inspired to bring that same European artistry and magic home to Gig Harbor, Washington.

Now you too can enjoy the sculptured hedges and topiaries, lush manicured lawns, and flowering plants and trees that adorn the property’s 23-acre grounds.

You and your guests can meander the pathways around the estate's property that wind around graceful, multi-tiered fountains and fragrant, ornamental flowerbeds.

For Kelly and her husband, the exquisite formal gardens frame the very essence of this labor of love called Kensington Gardens Estate Living Retirement Community.

You can call it home.

3804 Olson Dr NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335