Kensington Gardens
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Common Questions

How would my loved one benefit most from joining the Kensington Gardens family?

We offer a uniquely personalized model of luxury senior care in an intimate, homestyle setting. Our passion for excellence ensures the highest quality of continuing care. Kensington Gardens Estate Living Retirement Community offers the loveliest senior accommodations anywhere in the Puget Sound region. In addition to meeting our residents’ essential needs and medical requirements through a wide array of custom care options, we’re compassionately devoted to the treasured details of their lives and personal stories. Countless facilities provide the one size fits all basics of senior care. Our uniquely tailored plans of care at Kensington Gardens address individual residents’ emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. Each member of our family knows—from day one through end of life—they’re loved and matter deeply.

How much does Kensington Gardens Estate Living Retirement Community cost?

We encourage you to compare our rates with those of other continuing care facilities. Call us for pricing, you may find that we are nearly half the cost of nursing homes in Tacoma WA! A Financial Advisor or Attorney specializing in Elder Law are both excellent resources in helping you make the necessary arrangements (like financial and estate planning, trusts and asset protection, and/or a possible reverse home mortgage, etc.) to finance your loved one’s care.

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