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What is Family Centered Care?

Nursing HomeWith so many choices on the market today between assisted living, retirement homes and nursing homes it is challenging to know which is the best for the elderly loved one in your life. At Kensington Gardens we strive to have a different approach that sets us apart from what the majority of the adult care facilities offer. There are many examples in how we are different from our grounds, to caring staff and our philosophy of care. Specifically, we are stand out from the many other types of adult care on the market today in how we focus on caring for the whole person and family. We make every effort to incorporate family centered care into our practice with our residents.

Family centered care is the practice of doctors, nurses, patients and their loved ones all working in  unison to ensure that the patient receives the highest level of care possible. It is the process where everyone providing care for the patient has a voice and can contribute to overall health plan of the individual. In nursing homes, this means the children of and potential other relatives can work hand-in-hand with the medical staff on site to make sure their elderly loved one is cared for during their last years.

Family centered care is a great approach to strive for when it comes to the aging and elderly. While there are many other approaches available to choose from, at Kensington Gardens we feel that family centered care is the best for our residents. At other retirement facilities the focus of care may be on the advice of the doctors, or it may be focused exclusively on the patient's needs but at Kensington Gardens we strive to include all parties so that the patient receives the best care from all involved.

We do this by making sure both the patient and the family members have an opportunity to voice their concerns and needs. Hearing your input allows us to devise a quality plan to help the loved one in your life. We also have the best possible and experienced nurses available. Our nursing staff will work with you to help create a plan of care that works for you. We are very comfortable working with your doctor to make sure the specific needs of your loved one are met.

In closing, we value the life of each and every one of our residents. Furthermore, we value the unique perspective and opinion of our patients and their families. We strive to offer the best care in the Pacific Northwest and be one of the best nursing homes in Tacoma WA. We have immaculate grounds in a wonderful location in Gig Harbor, Washington. We have experienced and trusted nursing staff and a dedicated team of employees that are devoted to helping your loved one receive the best care that they can during their stay with us.

Published on Dec 10, 2015.

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