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Why You Should Set Goals Later in Life

So many of us think that goal setting is an exercise for those that are in their young adult phase of life. However, there is value in setting goals no matter what age you are. This is especially true for those adults who are aging and may be considering long term care options. Setting goals and making future plans is a positive process for every individual and even more true for those are older.

Goals are an important aspect for people of any age because of how they impact your life in a positive manner. Goals help the individual identify aspects of life that they wish to change and hopefully improve. For many this could mean trying to eat healthier, picking up a new hobby or skill or traveling to a new location. These goals help people make plans and put a positive light in their future life. It also brings about motivation to reach those goals. For a person that is living in long term care having a goal can be extremely impactful because goals help people that are facing health concerns and other limitations strive for new heights. In setting goals, the level of excitement in your life will increase and give you energy and a hopeful a better outlook on the future.

A goal is a written statement explaining how you will achieve your objective. It is simply a way to verbalize how the dream will be accomplished. For many, writing down the goal and posting it somewhere it can be read frequently is all it takes. For example, putting a note about eating healthier on the refrigerator can be a reminder to eat better and not go for the snack that you should not have. Another example is taking action where there is accountability involved. If you sign up for a class to learn a new skill, there is accountability because they are expecting your attendance. These steps can be taken at any age and help the individual move towards something new in their life.

No matter how old you are there is always room for goals. Everyday matters and should be cherished.  If you are considering a long term care option as you age there is a lot of room for setting goals. For example assisted living allows you to have maximum independence and control over your life while getting the care and help you need. This enables you to enjoy your life and not have to worry about tasks that were difficult for you. The new free time that you now have can be devoted to learning something new, sightseeing, or other items that may be on your goal list.

We know the transition to either a nursing home, assisted living, in home care and other long term care is not always welcome for the aging adult in your life. However, for adults who are aging and have health concerns choosing an assisted living Tacoma facility that allows room for your goals is what you need. You can receive the health care focus you need and spend your time on learning new skills, picking up new hobbies and making plans to visit new destinations. These goals help keep you thinking about the future and help your outlook remain happy and positive. At Kensington Gardens, we know it is important for people of every age to focus on the future and setting goals is one method of doing that. Contact us today to learn how we can support and encourage your loved one.

Published on Jan 19, 2016.

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